IFT Rules and Regulations for Section Suppliers Nights

Section Suppliers' Night Meetings must be limited to table top displays

I.      A table top is standard four-, six-, or eight-foot tables, draping optional.
        Pipe and drape booths are optional
II.     The exhibit consists of all tables arranged side-by-side in rows with suitable aisles between the rows as needed for traffic flow.

III.   Permitted at table top displays
       1. Educational Sales Literature
       2. Samples of ingredients, additives or food products
       3. Sales Premiums, souvenirs, handouts, etc. and
       4. Instrument and/or equipment (if they can be self-supporting and set on the table)

IV.   Prohibited at table top displays

      1. Free-standing floor displays
      2. Table top displays that exceed five feet above the table (this allows exhibitors use of Downing-type displays); and
      3. Solicitation, inteviews, distribution of literature, etc. outside the confines of the exhibitor's individual table top area.

V.   Only Section provided exhibitor standard identification signs are allowed.

VI.   Exhibit company may contract for a maximum of two contiguous booths .

VII.   By completion of the Suppliers' NIght allocation form the exhibitor agrees to conform to the rules of the exhibition.

The IFT, Regional Sections and its agents and employees assume no risk, and by the acceptance of this agreement the exhibitor expressly releases them of and from any and all liability for damage, injury or loss to any person or goods, from any cause whatsoever.